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May 24--Open House

May 28--Memorial Day Holiday

Class Musical!

June 1--End of Year Concert


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BVE Website

4th Grade Curriculum

Workshop Teaching Overview

Reading Strategies

Common Core Math



Design Squad

National Geographic Kids

Lawrence Hall of Science

Mystery Science

Artificial Intelligence?


Earth Science & Geology

Rock Cycle Video

Shake, Rattle and Roll!

Types of Rocks

Identifying Types of Rocks


Forms of Energy

Scholastic Study Jams

Renewable Energy

Nonrenewable Energy

Kids and Energy

Energy Star


Animals and Nature

Cal Photos

California Living Museum

Monterey Bay Aquarium Animal Guide

Canadian Museum of Nature

Smithsonian Natural History Museum Mammal Database

Animal Diversity Web

BBC Science and Nature

World Wildlife Fund

National Geographic Animal Facts










to Mr. Westphal's
4th Grade Class!

"Gold Dust or Bust"
songs are here!!!

Click here to play "Gold Dust or Bust" music
and sing along!!!

Computer Science
Learn to make games and animations with these sites...

Hour of Code


10 Skills Kids Learn through Coding

Reading and Writing

Google Classroom
For writing/research projects

Scholastic Book Wizard
Find books and check the level

Typing Club

BVE Library
Use the online card catalogue
to find a book

Non Fiction Reading
and Current Events for Kids



TenMarks Math
Common Core problem solving to build math skills!

Prodigy Math
Practice math skills while going on a quest...

Reflex Math
It's more fun to learn math facts while playing games!

Leveled, Puzzles and Problem Solving

Easy to very challenging!

Math Stars
Problem Solving Sets
Fun site to play games and work on math facts

Car Wash
Cone Crazy




Pick your topic to learn more!

Matching the Equivalent Fraction

More or Less than 1/2

PBS Fraction Matching


SplashMath Decimals

Mr. Nussbaum's Site

Sheppard Software Site



Locate the Aliens

Interactive Quadrilaterals

Polygon Matching Game

Polygon Playground

Banana Hunt using Degrees

Virtual Manipulatives

Create a Graph!


Area and Perimeter

Zoo Designer

Perimeter Shape Game

Airlines Builder

Area and Perimeter Activities

Perimeter and Area